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Monday, August 30, 2010

Time to learn

You jerk offs don't seem to know your way around so ahm gonna help first of all google everything GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND it won't make fun of you for stupid questions or call you a retard.
second of all wikipedia is a very helpful tool to the internet it has history and biography's like none other.
To actually see the underground internet well that's something you'd need to find out for yourself but look into u413 *google it first test btw* i wont say anything else about that.

People seem to believe that torrents are bad and harmful to your way of life "you wouldn't download a car" kind of bullshit not true many corporations take shoplifting and stealing into account of their sales that's why they bump shit up an extra dollar so if you don't steal you're practically giving them money for free.
The more you know!
I have also been hearing a lot about "click rings" what is this? if anyone happens to have information please comment. :D thanks

remember it i'm running for president some day.


  1. If ever you run for president... you have my vote! :P

  2. seriously, some people need to learn how to use the internet and stop nagging us for answers =P

  3. You got my vote. Also, I would download a car if it was possible. Does that make me a bad person?

  4. Great stuff. Something everyone should read.

  5. Learning can be a difficult task, remember to keep a clear mind!

  6. i like to u413

  7. wats up dude checkin my friends out love the blog bro love back?